October 25, 2019

Lakeland, FL

2018 Sessions and Notes

Over 40 sessions were held during Agile Open Florida 2018.  We are grateful to the hosts that proposed and facilitated their session. We are also thankful to those who captured a summary of the sessions below.  These are but glimpses into the various journeys.



Some of the session notes you will find:

  • Agile in a Startup – HOST: Shelby Everitt
  • Agile Journey: How to avoid checklist adoption – HOST: Prashanth Prasannathirtha
  • How to Get Your Teams to Speak Up in Retros – HOST: Jacinta D’Oyen-Woadley
  • Culture and Agile Transformation – HOST: Claudia Alarcon
  • Balancing your roles as a functional scrummaster / How to handle multiple roles – HOST: Nate Gamer
  • How to Quantify Best Performers – HOST: Ken Dick
  • Inception Planning – HOST: Christine Fredley
  • Agile Teams: Less Rules, More Value – HOST: Travis Jones
  • Retro on Retro – HOST: Lamont Chambliss
  • Opinions on Spikes – HOST: Bernie Manlapig
  • Project Management and Tracking in an Agile World – HOST: Vinod
  • Change Agents: How do we deal with a culture that resists change? – HOST: Beth
  • What Quaker faith and practice taught us about facilitation – HOST: Mark “Trog” Prather
  • Building Creative Teams – HOST: John Trimble
  • What is the future of Agile/SAFe? – HOST: Saajan Panibar
  • Story pointing: Why not in hours? – HOST: Paula Scott
  • Pitfalls of Agile and Content Creation – HOST: Jeff Wayman
  • Agile is dying. What Punk can show us where we are going wrong – HOST: Mark “Trog” Prather
  • Agile in a Dev & Ops Support-focused environment – HOST: Karen Taylor
  • How to Get Your Team Out of a Rut – HOST: Joan Chase
  • Agile City – HOST: Mason Alley
  • Distributed Agile (4 sessions combined) – HOSTS: Mark Kilby, Samantha Miller, Vicki Braun, Sally Leader
  • Apocalypse Prevention Through Agile – HOST: Partrick Cannon
  • Creating and Modifying a Regression Test Suite Over Time – HOST: Antonio Ooms
  • So You Want to Be an Agile Coach – HOST: Mike Miller
  • Looking for Creative Ways to Influence Sign-off on Key Project Artifacts – HOST: Melanie Lowery
  • Practicing Agile Under a Waterfall – HOST: Peter Valha
  • Conflict with Civility – HOST: Logan Butler
  • Metrics That Matter: It May Not Be What You Think – HOST: Jessica Wolfe
  • Sprint Planning: Focusing PO on Team vs Individuals – HOST: Gayle Borgen
  • Create Your Innovation Strategy – HOST: Julee Everett
  • How do you do Product Prioritizatio – HOST: Sarah Urriste
  • The Age of Agile / Map Your Network – HOST: Christy Erbeck
  • Agile at a Non-profit/Church – HOST: Mason
  • Kill the Unprepared Standup Attendance – HOST: Ken Dick
  • Agile and DevOps – Will You Be My Neighbor – HOST: Sean Davis
  • Who’s Looking for a Scrummaster? – HOST: Dana Haukoos


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