October 25, 2019

Lakeland, FL

2018 Proceedings

Agile-Open-Florida-2018-Agile-a-journey-not-a-destination-poster-logo1000AgileOpenFlorida 2018 marks our fifth year on the journey to help people across the state of Florida come together to share their agile journeys and learn from each other. What a journey it was!  With almost 300 participants this year and over 40 sessions!  This is why this year’s theme was important for us:

Agile: A Journey Not a Destination

More important, the journey becomes easier when we know we have others to help us.

This year, Michael Herman served as our open space guide and facilitator.  Michael 2018-10-27 Michael Herman at AOF2018helped introduce open space to the agile community when he “held the space” at XP 2002 in Chicago.  Mark first met him there and then reconnected and collaborated with Michael on a few “distributed agile” experiments in 2015-2016.  His gentle manner and deep knowledge of open space meant that he could guide us well.

Also, this is the first year we asked for a volunteer chairperson to bring a fresh Dottieperspective to the conference.  With humility and a scrummaster’s zeal, Dottye Stewart rose to the challenge!  We are grateful for her tireless efforts to help us plan this journey for you.

We hope you find value in our notes from this year’s gathering.  Feel free to add comments, questions, or send us other pictures from the event.  We would welcome sharing your part of the journey.

Mark Kilby, Stephanie Davis, and Ryan Dorrell, co-founders of Agile Open Florida.

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